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Explore Our Facilities

Reading Rooms
Silent Study Spaces

Silent study spaces include closed reading rooms, computer classrooms, and designated areas within the Library indicated by signage. No talking or conversation is permitted. Silence is required in these spaces at all times.

Group Study Rooms
Collaborative Study Spaces

Collaborative spaces include group study rooms and designated areas within the Library indicated by signage. Speaking softly is allowed in collaborative areas, but not loud talking. Long cellphone conversations should be done outside of the Library.

Silent Study Zones
Zero-Noise Study Spaces

Zero-noise room has been set aside to provide a peaceful oasis for quiet reflection. Absolute silence is required in the zero-noise room. No keyboarding or talking is permitted. Advance reservation is required.

Events & Special Occasions
Meeting & Event Function Rooms

Whether you’re hosting a Board, Corporate or Association meeting, Workshop or Information Session, the Scientia Public Library’s Meetings & Event Services department can provide you with a variety of meeting and function rooms.

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